Service 7 – The book

Transform the way you think about marketing your service business and create professional service experiences your clients will love.

Service Marketing Book - Service 7

Service 7 – Transform the way you think about your advice and professional service marketing

Working in a professional advice business is challenging.

You work closely with clients and they expect you to deliver them the results they are looking for. Providing value has never been more important as the market place becomes more competitive.

Service 7 provides you with 7 principles to help you and your staff create and deliver advice and service that your clients will love.

Your clients will love you because:

  • You provide value
  • You understand their needs better than anyone else
  • You are  trusted to do what it is you say you can
  • You attract the right kind of clients for your business
  • You  look after them better than anyone else
  • You have a service process that works every time
  • You deliver for today – and for tomorrow.

Service 7 is for professional advice providers and business owners. If you’re an accountant, a financial planner, a legal advisor, a mortgage broker or a professional advice provider, Service 7 will help you take a superior offer to the marketplace by delivering a service that your clients will love.

“In a fast-paced world where business owners need to-the-point advice on how to be even more successful, Peter Bowman’s Service7 is a breath of fresh air. Practical advice served up in an easy to read format that I am already highly recommending to my business clients.” – David Penglase, author of Intentionomics (Amazon top 10 best seller in 2 categories).

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