Marketing for Law Firms

If you are looking for a marketing framework and some marketing inspiration for your law firm, then Service 7 is the book that has been written for you.

Service 7 provides you with 7 principles to help you and your legal staff create and deliver advice and service that your clients will love.

Your clients will love you because:

Service Marketing Book - Service 7

Service 7 – Transform the way you think about your advice and professional service marketing

  • You provide value
  • You understand their needs better than anyone else
  • You are trusted to do what it is you say you can
  • You attract the right kind of clients for your business
  • You  look after them better than anyone else
  • You have a service process that works every time
  • You deliver for today – and for tomorrow.

Service 7 will help you take a superior legal advice offer to the marketplace.


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Paperback book / A&A Book Publishing / ISBN:9780987355911