Would you like to share a blog post with the audience of AM WEEK?

If so, we look forward to hearing from you.

Who might write a blog post for AM WEEK?

  • Professional advisers who wish to share a marketing experience.
  • Marketing professionals who support professional advice providers.
  • Customer advocates with an interest in professional advice and service marketing.

In assessing content we consider:

  • The relevance of your content in regard to our mission.
  • Your experience and expertise on the subject matter.
  • The quality of your content and writing.

In accepting your submission, AM WEEK will:

  • Credit you as the author. You may also add a twitter handle and website to your article.

Other important information to note:

  • The content must be your own content.
  • The copyright on your content remains yours.
  • Your content will be rejected immediately if it is an advertisement.
  • AM WEEK reserves the right to accept or reject content as it sees fit to do so. Making a submission does not guarantee it will be shared with our audience.
  • AM WEEK accepts your submission in good faith and therefore accepts no liability related to your submission.
  • AM WEEK does not pay for blog content.

Please email your blog post to submission (at) amweek (dot) com (dot) au.

We will review your content and reply to you within usually one week.


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