Free Factsheet Template – Help with the Covid 19 Crisis

Free Covid 19 Financial Fact Sheet

Dear AM WEEK Blog Readers,

Late last week Amanda Pond of Puddle 2 Pond Financial gave a shout out on The Advice Movement facebook page for a fact sheet on help and assistance with the Covid 19 Crisis.

I put my hand up to help because the financial planning profession has employed my marketing skills and now is a time where all Australians should step up if they can and lend a hand.

Amanda and I have put together a fact sheet. It’s free to use.

Download the Word document here for free.

Instructions for use:

  1. Read the word document and adjust text as you wish to.
  2. Add your logo in the header
  3. Complete the correct disclaimer at the end of the fact sheet, given the rules you operate under
  4. Get compliance sign-off as your usual process
  5. Once the document is ready in word go to File > Save As > and enter the name of your file AND select PDF from the drop down below where you type the file name.
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Here’s some really good advice for helping you manage your financial life during the Covid-19 crisis. We know as qualified financial planners that money matters can bite hard, especially during times of crisis.

This fact sheet covers:

  • Your budget check
  • Financial information
  • Financial assistance and support
  • Mental health and wellness

Your budget check

A really good place to start is working out your budget. There’s a free budget planner online or as an Excel spreadsheet available here, on the Money Smart website.


  • Be as realistic as you can, look at past bills if you need to.
  • Expect bad news, it’s highly likely in times of crisis your expenses will be greater than your income and that’s ok. Help is available, and it’s good to know what the gap is.
  • Look for value with all your bills. Can you find better deals right now? Every cent counts.
  • Seek assistance using the financial information and the financial assistance and support below.

Financial information

Money Smart is also offering some easy to understand advice right now for those affected by covid-19. Here’s the website address:

Information for Covid-19 includes:

  • Problems paying your mortgage
  • Problems paying your bills or fines
  • Urgent help with money
  • Managing on a low income
  • Financial counselling

Financial assistance and support

Financial support is something everyone in the community should be exploring right now if they need financial assistance. Here are some key contacts to get you started.

  • Centrelink – Website: How to claim a Jobseeker payment (formerly Newstart) on the website or visit your local office. Telephone: 132 850. We know that sometimes they take a long time to answer. Under Covid-19 rules only the income test applies and there is no waiting period. We expect though there will be some processing time.
  • Centrelink Advance Payment – You can also get an Advance Payment on your Centrelink benefit after 3 months of being on a payment or on your Family Tax Benefit (Part A). Click here for more information.
  • Superannuation Financial Hardship Withdrawals. The Government has announced that from mid-April 2020 you can get up to $10,000 each financial year tax free. Eligible members can apply online through myGov to access up to $10,000 of their superannuation before 1 July 2020. They will also be able to access up to a further $10,000 from 1 July 2020 for approximately three months. The exact timing will depend on the passage of the relevant legislation.
    • Eligibility is limited to those who on or after 1 January 2020:
      • Were made redundant; or
      • Had their working hours reduced by 20% or more; or
      • As a sole trader, their business was suspended or turnover decreased by at least 20%.

Accessing super benefits in times of market down-turns is usually not recommended as it may crystallise losses. However members who experience loss of employment or a significant decrease in income may find this measure provides immediate financial relief and the basis to re-build. For more information Click here

  • $750 Support Payments. The Government has announced that $750 will be paid to those who receive a Centrelink Payment. The payment will be made in April. A second payment is planned to be made in July. Each eligible person in a household can receive the payment (e.g. a pensioner couple would receive a total of $1,500 in each round of payments). The second payment will not be paid to those payments which receive the Coronavirus supplement (Jobseeker Payment, equivalent Youth Allowance, Parenting Payment, Special Benefit or Farm Household Allowance). For more information click here.
  • Loans, repayments and bills. Speak to your bank or lender about financial hardship. They have options that can assist during times like these. This includes no repayments for a period of time or interest only repayments.
  • Charitable Support
    • Salvation Army
    • St Vincent De Paul Society
    • Red Cross
    • Food Bank Australia
      • Telephone: 02 9656 3099 (They can direct you to a support service in your area)
      • Website:
    • Explore all new employment opportunities. There might be casual jobs too. Consider Upwork or Fiverr to be paid for one off jobs too.

Mental health and wellness

Australians across the country have been affected by this pandemic and it’s important to remember that you’re not the only person that’s being challenged by now. Please know that you don’t have to go it alone. Please use the below contact points if you need to.

  • Your GP – This person already knows you, and they have options immediately available to help with not only your physical wellbeing, but mental well being. Many GP’s are offering over the phone consultations right now too which can be bulk billed.
  • Lifeline Australia – Telephone: 13 11 14. Website –
  • Beyond Blue – Telephone: 1800 242. 636. Website –
  • Kids Helpline – Telephone: 1800 44 1800. Website –


Business Name (ABN XX XXX XXX XXX is an Authorised Representative of <Name> , Australian Financial Services Licensee. This Fact Sheet contains information that is general in nature. It does not take into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person. You need to consider your financial situation and needs before making any decisions based on this information. If you decide to purchase or vary a financial product, your financial adviser, <licensee> and other companies within the <Group name> may receive fees and other benefits. The fees will be a dollar amount and/or a percentage of either the premium you pay or the value of your investments. Please contact us if you want more information.


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